The Commission for Prevention and Protection Against Discrimination established the existence of continuous discrimination on the grounds of education, political belief and violation of the right to equality in the field of labour relations by the high school SUGS “Josip Broz Tito” in Skopje.


The complainant C.N. after fulfilling all of the conditions for transformation of his employment status and getting a transformation of its employment contract from fixed to indefinite time, he submitted a request for transformation, after which the Principal of the high school issued a Decision for termination of the employment contract. In the meantime, the school initiated a procedure for transformation of the employment contract of another employee, for the same position. This behaviour favoured a certain candidate and the right to equal access to work of C.N. was violated.


After that, the school made a public announcement for the selection of a teacher, and the now unemployed teacher decided to apply for the selection, together with another candidate. As a result, the other candidate was selected, although C.N. had higher level of education and higher cumulative average grades obtained during the studies, compared to the other candidate. This resulted in double discrimination.


The CPPD issued a recommendation in which it is stipulated that the high school SUGS “Josip Broz Tito” from Skopje needs to sign an employment contract with the applicant for an indefinite period of time and to inform the Commission within 30 days that it acted upon the recommendation. If the school and its Principal do not act within 30 days of this recommendation, the Commission will submit a request for initiating a misdemeanour procedure before the competent court for misdemeanours.

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